Games to Play If You Like Dark Souls

1. DarkMaus (PC)

Should you ever wished to perform Dark Souls as an cute mouse, then the not-so-subtle Souls-inspired DarkMaus is for you. Direct nods to Dark Souls incorporate slow, sword-and-board battle and campfire checkpoints rather than bonfires, but DarkMaus does lots of trendy things all of its own. Its"departure echo" mechanic, which summons an ally ghost to fight along with you after every death, and intriguing use of shadow, view, and framing are one of its most smart.

2. Dead Cells (PC) - Early Access

If you're searching for something less black and dark, Dead Cells supplies an original and vibrant spin on the Souls-inspired metroidvania. A self-described"Souls-lite" action-platformer now in Early Accessibility, Dead Cells comprises over 50 weapons and charms and a huge connected world to research. In Early accessibility, it maintains a protracted 20 hour playthrough.

3. Death's Gambit (PC, PS4) - Upcoming

Still another 2D action RPG with exact, sword-and-board battle, what makes the upcoming Death's Gambit stand out of the remainder are its enormous supervisors and grappling hook, which adds a fresh, exciting dimension to its platforming.

4. Eitr (PC, PS4) - Upcoming

Still in evolution, Eitr is a isometric action RPG set in a universe inspired by Norse mythology. It's the appearance and texture of old-school isometric dungeon crawlers with a more contemporary edge, with exceptionally detailed pixel artwork and stunning lighting.

5. Hyper Light Drifter (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

A good mixture of fluid melee and long-ranged battle, also discretionary, upgradeable abilities, makes Hyper Light Drifter's battle as vibrant and diverse as its lively pixelated style. While veteran Souls fans may not discover its battle as much of a struggle since a few of the matches within this record, its wordless narrative and mystical universe features lots of secrets to discover and unravel.